IPRC Meeting

21 Steps to Success

Yesterday, we had the IPRC meeting with Angel’s school.  It was pretty quick, but it was very good.  It was confirmed that she is staying at her current school in her current program.  She’ll be doing a trial with a laptop soon and it will have things like speech to type on it so she can talk and it will record her writing for her.   The new IEP will be given to us in a few weeks.

It was pretty much just a formality at this point.  I’m so glad that we made it to this point though!  It took a long time to get here, but it was worth the fight and push to get it done.

Angel’s principal told us that she was very impressed to see Angel self advocating more this year.  She’s speaking up more when she needs help.  It’s so great to hear things like this from her.  It really means that all the work with Angel is starting to pay off.  She’s getting there and that means she will be able to speak up for herself more and more.

Something new for Angel is that she is able to go to see the ISSP teacher anytime she needs help with something.  She’s got 2 periods a day that she can go to work with her.  The ISSP teacher is going to make some cards for Angel so that she can put one on her desk or hand it in to her regular teacher if she needs to go see her.  This way, if she is having trouble finding the words, she’s got another way to get her needs met. All in all, it was a great meeting.  :) Secrets to Success

IPRC Meeting on Monday!

Well, after almost 4 years, we are finally having an IPRC meeting with Angel’s school.  It’s been a long road, but our principal has been amazing every step of the way.  Any false expectations we had were given by the previous principal.

So, it all comes down to this.  A meeting on Monday morning will determine Angel’s future education.  From everything we discussed last year as the results of the psycho educational assessment, Angel will likely stay at the same school.  Her IEP should be adjusted and will now become a full IEP that will go with her from school to school.

Angel knows that there is a meeting, so when she asked me about it, I explained that we were going to sit down with some people from the school and decide what she needs going forward.  I told her that she will get a new IEP that will go with her and she liked that idea.  She wanted to come to the meeting, but I told her that she couldn’t do that until she is older.  She’d love to be there, but I think the conversation would be hard for her to follow and understand and would likely stress her out anyway.  She can be part of the process when she gets older.

Boys labels

Even though I know the likely outcome, I’m still a little nervous about the whole thing.  We’re finally getting a label from the school board that will say what kind of help Angel needs.  We’re also getting a label that will make assumptions that much easier to make.  I don’t want Angel to be just a label.  I hope that her teachers will continue to dig deeper than the learning problems and see a little girl who is curious, bright, and funny, just like I do.

And now, we wait.

First Week of Grade 4! New Friends!

school buses

Angel’s first week was pretty good.  She was able to help show two new students around the school and she loved it.  She was begging to have play dates on the first day of school.  Rather than overwhelm new friends, I asked her to wait a few days.

Angel had her first play date on Friday with a new student.  She went to her friend’s house.  Then today, she had a friend come over here.  I’d never met this friend before, but it turned out that they had been in the same grade 1 class.  Who knew?  I’m glad Angel is branching out.  I hope that she can make some real friends this year who want to hang out with her.

Thursday was a bit of a rough day.  Angel came out of school crying.  I thought that we figured out the issue when she told me she didn’t get her agenda, but we talked to her teacher and got one, and she was still moody.  It took a full-on meltdown for the issue to surface.  It turned out that 2 boys in her class had a fight and were yelling.  She didn’t like the noise!  Some time in her compression shirt helped her to settle that night, but it took awhile.  And Friday morning, it was like nothing happened at all.

I filled out the IEP questionnaire for Angel’s ISSP teacher tonight.  I read a lot about other people going to the school and having meetings about the IEP.  Our school doesn’t seem to do this.  I have to fill in what Angel’s goals are, how she feels about school, and what skills I think she needs to work on.  There’s an area for other info and that is where I added keyboarding skills and OT.  Then the back was for Angel to fill out–what she likes to do, what she finds easy at school, and what she finds hard at school.  Then one last question about what she wants to learn to do this year.  One of Angel’s answers here was “rocks and minerals”.  I am guessing she wants to learn about this.  Perhaps her responses will show them that she does not interpret instructions well!

All things considered, it has been a good start.  Running club starts this week, and breakfast club starts next week, so Angel will be a busy girl again!