Angelisms: A Real Conversation in My Home Tonight

We’ve been trying to give Angel some more responsibilities where we can.  She’s in grade 4, so she needs to start being responsible for her own person.  Sometimes this backfires on us as the following conversation will show:

Me:  OK, Angel, it’s time to go upstairs and get ready for the tub.
Angel (climbs on my lap trying to be cute):  Mommy, I don’t need adult supervision in the bath.
Me:  Oh, really?  Who took a suitcase into the tub with her the last time she was unsupervised?
Angel (buries face in my neck and points at her big sister):  Big Kid!
Me:  I don’t think so, Big Kid doesn’t do things like that and she doesn’t lie about who does.
Angel:  What if I don’t lie for a whole week, can I be unsupervised then?
Me:  Darling, if you didn’t lie for a whole week, I think your head would explode.

Severely pared down set of work bags

Before you ask, yes, Angel took a carry on sized suitcase into the tub last week.  It had been a long day, and we had gotten home late.  I (wrongly) assumed that she would be fine for a quick shower on her own.  I didn’t go into the bathroom until later when I saw a sopping towel around a box like object, the suitcase.  On the plus side, we now know it’s waterproof!

Every time I think we have things figured out, Angel changes things up again.  She’s been getting in our bed, sleeping on the floor in our room, screaming, having tantrums, you name it.  It’s been a long few months.

When Your Child Realizes They Are “Different”

First day back to school and Angel had homework!  I think it was work that wasn’t completed during class.  It was a sheet with things about the New Year.  The task was for Angel to write things in different categories–book she wants to read, things she wants to change, etc.

Supervising Angel while she’s doing written work can be tedious.  She asks how to spell every single word.  It’s time consuming (or time wasting).  Angel asked me what she should put down for what she wants to change this year.  Nice try, right?  Gotta give her some credit for trying to get me to do her work!  I reflected the question back to her, “I don’t know, what do you think you would like to change this year?”

Her eyes got a little misty, and she said, “How I do school.”  I asked her for more details.  She told me that she doesn’t do school like her friends.  She said she still can’t do math.  It was heartbreaking.  I called her over to snuggle with me so that we could talk.  I remembered Temple Grandin said her mother taught her that  she was different, not less.

I reminded Angel that she can do math and that she is learning more all the time.  I told her that she learns differently and that’s not a bad thing!  Plus she has tools to help her with math like a calculator or her ISSP Teacher.  I think the kicker was when I told her that Daddy has learning disabilities and that he learns differently too.  I probably should have led with that so that she would know she isn’t the only one who learns differently.

I guess we all want to know that we aren’t the only ones who are different. Or in the words of Red Green, “We’re all in this together.”

we're all in this together, scott richard

By the way, I love Red Green! If you ever want to chat about him, comment! I’ll reply :)

Finding the Funny: Bathroom Escapades, or the Reason I Need a Vacation

It’s been awhile since I have shared a Finding the Funny, but last night we had a major situation that truly required me to find the funny.  Thankfully I did, and I’m now going to share it with you. I’m sure that I’m not the only parent who has to deal with stuff like this, but sometimes, it sure feels like it!

Last evening had been a little rough.  Angel had a meltdown at not being able to log into her profile on a game she plays on the computer.  When I could tell she was getting upset, I asked her to take a break and go upstairs to cool off for a bit in her room, then she could come back and try again.  She screamed at me that she didn’t need a break, thus proving my point.  That was a little funny, seeing as she clearly needed the break.  Since she got to the yelling stage, her computer time was ended for the night.

That was a little funny, but not the big moment.  The big moment happened later during her bath time.  Angel’s been pretty good lately when taking her baths, so she hasn’t been as closely supervised as we was a few months ago.  In the past, she’s been talked to on several occasions about taking things into the bathtub to play with, including an umbrella, a bathing suit, a pair of boots, some small towels.  Angel knows the rule is that you go into the shower naked, wash yourself, and get out.

Umbrella HQ

I think we might need this for our kitchen!

Well, last night, I was busy doing something while she was in the shower.  I noticed that she’d been in for awhile, so I told her that it was time to get out.  Then I heard a dripping sound in the kitchen.  We had some problems with our dishwasher recently, but I knew the dishwasher wasn’t plugged in.  I went to the kitchen, and found water dripping through the ceiling along the place where the previous owner had repaired a leak.

I ran upstairs while yelling (not my finest moment), threw the bathroom door open and found Angel in the tub wearing a shirt, with a pile of sopping towels on the floor.  She took all of the towels that were in the bathroom, got them soaking wet, and left them on the floor beside the tub.  Every.  Single.  Towel.

I told her to pick them all up, put them in the tub to drain and get out.  I took myself to my room for a time out so I could regroup.  While I’m trying to calm down, Angel hollers, “Mommy, I don’t have any towels!”  No kidding she didn’t have any towels!  Neither did anyone else!  I suggested that maybe she shouldn’t have gotten all the towels wet and her response was, “But Mommy, I only used the towels in here, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any others in the house!”  I had to bite my tongue at this point, because I wanted to laugh, and I also wanted to scream.

While Angel got herself ready for bed, I called my mom.  My mom is my lifeline.  She can listen to me explain this type of situation and help me to work through it.  She cracked up laughing when I muttered about Angel complaining there were no towels after she soaked them all.  I couldn’t believe her audacity, although it really shouldn’t be a complete surprise to me.  Best part?  Mom offered to come over if I needed her.  Later, after Angel was in bed, I messaged my best friend who also got me laughing.  Knowing you have someone you can call when things are going crazy is a true gift.

Yellow Guy Cotten gear

My new suit for bathing Angel!

Needless to say, Angel is now going to be fully supervised in the bathroom again.  I would like to be able to say that she understood what she did and that she had mended her ways, but she played in the tub again tonight.  At least no towels were harmed tonight.  At some point, she has to stop destroying the house, right?