Finding the Funny in a Bad Day

Last night, I was all set to write a happy post today about Angel’s report card and how great it was.  That was yesterday though.


This morning, I had a hard time getting up because I didn’t sleep well.  I got downstairs well after Angel did.  I BBQed dinner last night and used some “Garlic Plus” on the steaks.  I left the garlic on the stove.  I had also left a flat of strawberries out.  My parents had gone to a local farm yesterday and picked them up for me.  Six whole pints of fresh, juicy, Ontario strawberries that I was looking forward to using.  Can you see where this is going?

I walked into the kitchen to get Angel’s sandwich made for her lunch and I could smell garlic.  I did a double take, and saw the strawberries had a funny colour to them.  Yup.  Angel sprinkled garlic plus on every single pint of berries.  I hoped it was just the ones on the top, but the garlic ended up going right to the bottom of the box.

I mean, what almost 8 year old kid does that?  And why?  Why put garlic on the strawberries?  I would really like to see the inside of her mind some days.

You’ll be proud of me.  I did not cry.  I wanted to, but I didn’t.  Instead, I spent a lot of time rinsing berries this morning.  I thought I got rid of all the extra flavour and put some cut up berries on my cereal.  Yeah, I’m still tasting garlic.  Ick.

I had some fun sending my best friend some texts this morning.  She sent some replies that gave me a giggle and made my day a little brighter.  She gave me some suggestions to help for finding a recipe using strawberries and garlic.  This afternoon, I gave my mom a call and we seriously busted a gut laughing over this whole situation.

I honestly don’t know why she put garlic on the strawberries.  Funny thing is Angel likes strawberries.  I guess she also likes garlic salt, so she decided to put the two together.  I didn’t want to laugh this morning, but finally I am finding the funny in it.   Sadly this wasn’t the only thing to go wrong today, but that’s another story!

Here’s hoping that I can get rid of this horrible taste in my mouth soon. If you have any garlic strawberry recipes, please share while you enjoy your giggle at my expense.

Finding the Funny: Visit to the Eye Doctor

snellen Angel’s teacher mentioned that she seemed to be having trouble reading small fonts, so we might want to get her eyes tested.  Today was the day we went to see the eye doctor.  Angel knew it was coming, so she was pretty excited.  I didn’t really think about any prep for our visit.  I should have.

Angel liked putting her chin and forehead on the rests so that her eyes could be looked at.  The technician also let her see what it looked like when it was Big Kid’s turn.  She was amazed to see Big Kid’s eye up close! There was some waiting before we saw the optometrist.  I didn’t have anything on hand for Angel to play with.  I was so concerned with getting her from school to the office on time and I had packed a snack for the car, but that was it.  She was a little squirmy, but excited too.

Big Kid went in first and Dad went with her.  When it was Angel’s turn, she wanted me to go with her.  She got up in the chair all by herself and read the letters when she was asked to.  For one part, the doctor held a card up for her to look at and asked her when the picture got blurry as he moved it closer to her.  He had it up to her face and asked, “Can you still see that?”  She shook her head, “No.”  Then he asked her to tell him when she could see it as he pulled it away.  Same thing happened.  I think she just didn’t fully understand what he was asking.

Then came the eye drops.  I had no idea they still put drops in for eye exams.  I haven’t had that done since I was a kid.  Angel squinched up her eyes after the first drop went in, and it took a lot of coaxing to get her to allow the second one.  She didn’t like the sensation of her eyes getting blurry, so she sat on my lap in the waiting area while I tried to soothe her with hugs and back rubs.

Angel kept asking me if her pupils were big.  Daddy came over and said, “Hey, the blue part of your eyes are almost gone!”  He thought she would think it was cool.  She didn’t.  Angel planted her face in my chest and proceeded to cry.  It took a second for me to realize that she thought this was a permanent change and her eyes wouldn’t be blue any more!  I shot daggers at Daddy while reassuring her that there was still blue in her eyes and that it was only temporary that her pupils would be so big.  Poor baby!  It was hard not to laugh though because her reaction was so unexpected.

Angel asked me what would happen if she needed glasses.  She thought people might call her four-eyes.  I reminded her that she had friends in her class that wore glasses and no one made fun of them.  I may also have mentioned that I wear glasses and I’m still cool and she may not have completely bought into that idea.  She told me if she had to wear them, she would try to be brave about it.

After some further reassurances, Angel and Big Kid went to look at the glasses.  She tried on a Disney pair with Rapunzel on them.  Really cute and really expensive!  After another test, the girls went back in to see the doctor.  He confirmed that Angel needs glasses for reading and device use.   So now we are in the market for glasses.

One more thing.  Angel called a friend after we got home.  She told her friend about needing glasses and her friend told her that if anyone made fun of Angel for wearing glasses, she would tell them to stop.  *heartmelt*

I’m hoping that glasses help with the difficulty Angel has with some parts of school.  And I really hope that they don’t make her stand out as even more different among her peers.  From what I saw of the ones she tried on, she’s going to look really cute.  Of course the important part is that she is going to be able to read with no trouble.

Goggle head

Will she be this cute though?

No Diagnosis Frustration–Please Label My Kid!

We’ve been having one of those times around here. Things are going well, and Angel is doing well, but I’m getting so frustrated because I hear “you don’t have a diagnosis”. We do have a partial diagnosis of speech and language delay and fine motor skills delay, but it can be very difficult to get support services when you don’t have a concrete diagnosis. If Angel had autism, we would be have a much easier time getting support services. But since we don’t have that, we have to continually push for things.

Let me clarify that I don’t think life would be easier if she had autism. What I’m saying is that for kids who have autism, there are supports and services available. I know the wait list for services can be long, but at least there is something. We have been working with someone about Angel’s aggressive behaviour, and she was asking us questions about how Angel acts and what she does, and she told us that she didn’t have any community services to refer us to because Angel doesn’t fit in any of the categories. She also noted as I did when we first started trying to figure out what was going on that a lot of Angel’s behaviours fall into what you would expect from a child with autism. So far, the only thing we know for sure is that she doesn’t have autism.

We had to fight to get Angel an IEP. Part of that happened because our principal changed and the new one didn’t know what the old one had promised. We let them know before she started school that she was going to need help. In senior kindergarten, we asked for an IPRC meeting so that Angel could be recognized. She’s in grade 2 and still not recognized as having special needs. Never mind the fact that she gets speech and OT at school and that she is working at a kindergarten level in math, she still doesn’t meet the qualifications.

I just get so tired of hearing that! An occupational therapist once told me that Angel presented as “normal”, meaning there wasn’t anything in her outward appearance or actions that would make you think there was something different about her. Sometimes, I wonder if this is why we have trouble getting people to recognize that she does need help. Earlier, I said that we have a partial diagnosis for Angel. I say that because I don’t think that speech and fine motor delays cover everything. I know that there is something else going on, but what it is exactly is what I don’t know. I know that she has sensory issues, I know that she has trouble understanding concepts. I also know that she is a bright little girl who is very curious and loves experiments. She is very loving and enjoys playing with her big sister. She’s a great kid. She’s becoming such a neat little person and I love getting to see her point of view on the world. So, we keep moving on, muddling through, and climbing the hurdles that they put in our way. We’ll find out what is going on someday, and in the meantime, we’ll keep working on improving the areas where she is struggling–label or not.

Label sheet - freebie