Fun Activity for Fine Motor Skills

Angel was bored today after I cut off her screen time, so we made Kool-Aid Playdough.  The recipe I use is one that was given to me by Big Kid’s kindergarten teacher many moons ago.  I used to make playdough for her class every few weeks.

This link will take you to the Kool-Aid Playdough Recipe.

I love this because it’s an activity that keeps Angel amused for hours. She helps me mix it up, so I get to sneak in some math practice with her when we are measuring everything.  Angel gets a little impatient when it comes time to mix the hot water in.  She wants to get her hands right in and knead the dough, but it is much too hot and she doesn’t like waiting.

We made grape today and it turned a lovely shade of purple.  It also smells so good, but it doesn’t taste like it smells as Angel found out.  She kept trying to taste it, so I finally told her to just taste it and get it over with thinking that she would hate the taste and that would be it.  Instead, she said, “It’s salty!”  Sadly, Angel loves salt, so she liked the taste after all.  Thankfully it is non-toxic, so no need for me to worry.

Angel is now busy making playdough cookies (and I am apparently her taste tester).  She is pounding them flat with her hands, rolling them out, using cookie cutters to make shapes.  All of this is good for strengthening her fingers and helping her to improve her fine motor skills.  The best thing is that she’s having fun doing it!

Play dough sculptures at MAPP

This recipe is relatively inexpensive to make, and I find that it is easier to clean up than real PlayDoh.  Usually the only thing I need to buy is the Kool-Aid, but I stocked up on it in the summer when the girls needed something fun to do.  We’ll seal it up in containers today, and when it dries out or gets yucky, we’ll just pitch it into the compost bin.  Easy-peasy.

She’s making full use of her imagination and I’m sure that Big Kid will join in the fun later too.  Overall, we give this one an A+.

Back in the Saddle Again!

I hate writing this kind of post.  I feel like I’m giving a whole bunch of excuses.  The truth is that life likes to throw me a lot of curve balls.  In the fall, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.  You can read more about that here:My Best Friend Saved My Life and Sleep Apnea.  I’ll be adding more information to my other blog about how I’ve been doing with my treatments for sleep apnea.  Since I was so tired, I found that I needed to slow down a bit and take care of me.  Then, when I was ready to start writing more regularly, I ended up with a herniated disc in my neck, unable to work for 9 weeks due to the pain that was caused.

The good news is that I’m finally back and I have a lot of catching up to do.  Angel has been making progress and we’re finally getting an IEP.  We’ll talk about that soon.  I’m starting back to work on Monday and I’m looking forward to it :)

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I started this blog as a way to connect with other parents and let them know that they are not alone.  I love comments and feedback, so please hit me up with some love.

Angelisms: Night time hugger

hug me

Angel has never been a great sleeper, so I wasn’t very surprised when she came in and woke me up the other night.  What surprised me was that she didn’t crawl up into my bed and steal all the blankets.

Nope, what she did was whisper, “Mommy, I need a hug!”  I sleepily reached an arm over her and gave her a snuggle.  While I was hugging her, Angel leaned over, gave me a soft kiss on the cheek and said, “I love you mommy!”  Then she turned around and went back to bed!

I asked Angel about it the next day, and she insisted she hadn’t been in my room that night.  It appears that she is now a sleep hugger!  She’s always been a great hugger.  I couldn’t believe she went back to her own bed though!